A highlight in every doll show is the Awards Dinner, here at the Winter Doll Show, it is no different.

The award show will take place on 26th February 2022.


The event will begin with getting to know your table.

With a limit on tables you will want to make sure you get your seat reserved now.

There will be a show to enjoy while you are eating a delicious meal.

Vegan and vegetarian options are both available.

Following your meal, we will then hand out the awards to all the winners.

As if that wasn’t enough, there will also be a prize draw on the night.

Each person who attends the Awards dinner will be given a ticket number to have a chance to win a free Full Body Silicone baby from Laurie Sullivan Roy.

This is such an amazing opportunity.

To finish the evening there will be dancing to celebrate the fact that we are all together and just having a great time.

We may have a few surprises up our sleeves, these will be revealed as they get planned.

Award Show tickets are $120 a seat, please contact us for payment options to secure your seats for this awesome night.

Or pay here, please make sure you add your name to Paypal notes.

I can’t wait to see you there.