BMW Creations Fantasy Painting Class




The BMW Creations Fantasy Painting Class will give you a chance to create an exclusive silicone fantasy doll in your own way.

In this class, you will learn proper mixing and application of silicone paint.

You will learn how to matte your baby.

We will be working with a variety of pigments, powders.



Your imagination will be your biggest tool in this class!!!

Let it go wild!!



Class kits include a blank silicone Zenley alien baby, paints, a&b silicone, matting powder and brush, thinner, paint brushes, puppy pads, sponges, iridescent powders, glow powder, glitter, full-color tutorial, certificates, tote and goodies for momma/daddy and baby!!



The class is $700.

Limited spots available.

Sign up now and take advantage of my payment option!



If you are interested in taking part in this fantastic class then please either contact Brandi on Facebook, by email at or use the link below to go to our contact form where we can help you to connect with Brandi.

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