Contest Dolls


These contests are always a lot of fun and are a great way to share your work.

Awards will be handed out at the Award show.

You can find information about the award show here.


To enter a baby into the contest is simple.

You pick the category that is best for you and then start creating your darling doll.

The doll you create to enter must be secret.

You can not share it on social media or anywhere else.

The dolls must not be revealed until after the awards have been handed out at the show.

To enter your baby into a category there is a $15 admission fee.

This can be paid via Paypal along with your name or nursery name.


In addition to this, you must contact us here or via our Facebook group to let us know that you will be taking part.


Remember, it is vital that you keep your baby secret to keep it fair for all.