March Online Show 2021




With so much uncertainty it was unfortunate that the live show had to be cancelled.

But it did allow us the chance to put on this online show.

There are going to be so many awesome things to take part in.




Keeping in theme to what we would be seeing at the in-person show, we have kept the sales pages in ballrooms.


The artists here have been split into different ballrooms to make it easier for people to navigate.

VIP pass holders will get access to these halls an hour prior to general admission.


So which artist will you visit first?


Ballroom Hall 1



Elisabetta’s Babies

Savannah’s Reborns

Tiny Timms Nursery

Tippy Toes Creations.

Eva’s Sweet Garden

Monika’s Place

Achuchones Del Cielo By Monica Parres

Flory Castro Art Dolls


Ballroom Hall 2



BearySweetHeart Creature Cradle

Rhondas Baby Nursery

Rosies Baby Patch

Fairytales Reborn Nursery

Coco Reborn

Reborn And Silicone Dolls By Nadine Dolotova

Reborn Baby

Butterfly Reborn Nursery







Here is a breakdown of prices for the show.


VIP pass   – £10

Vendor/ exhibitor      -£35

General admission is free to all.




Facebook Groups 




Winter Doll Show Fun Main Group —-

Winter Doll Show Live Sales Page —–