8″ Silicone Baby Kenzo





Baby Kenzo 8”

This was a special project in honour of all those little fighters who go through heart surgery shortly after birth.

My heart goes to their parents- I can hardly imagine what they must go through ❤️

This is Kenzo 8”, sculpted by the talented Viviane Aleluia, casted by me, Nadine Dolotova.

He was poured in super soft marshmallow platinum silicone blend, I gave him a 3d scar sculpted in silicone.

He is extremely detailed- his little tongue is hand sculpted in silicone & painted very realistically, he has got 3 d veining & micro veining (he resembles a premature baby with almost translucent skin).

I gave him a belly button stamp for extra realism.

He is mono rooted (hair & eyelashes) with the premium quality finest mohair.

He is available for adoption 💙💙💙

Please welcome my prototype baby Kenzo 8” (sculpted by the amazing Viviane Aleluia 💋), produced in super soft marshmallow silicone by myself Nadine Dolotova (I offer blanks & finished babies) ❤️

I hope you love him! He is EXTREMELY detailed- photos don’t do the justice unfortunately- he has got separated toes, realistic painted glazed tongue, belly button stamp, vertix, baby lanugo on cheeks bum cheeks, veining micro veining.

Warning- some images may be disturbing as he represents an ultra premature baby boy).

Is extremely soft & cuddly, has 3D skin effect (added flocking, the skin looks good even unpainted).

It has open mouth takes custom pacifier.

Will come with COA, pacifier & surprise accessory.

Special show price 1300aud (worldwide shipping included)