Prototype Silicone Baby Sunshine






1. Please welcome my prototype baby Sunshine ❤️

Please be careful as some of the images can be disturbing if you have experienced a pregnancy or baby loss (I have gone through that experience as well & send love to all the mums out there who have been there ❤️).

I sculpted her to resemble a micro premature baby, her neck is extremely posable, limbs are skinny, with tiny ribs & shoulder blades & this adorable dimple at the base of the neck on the front.

While painting her I have used a few ultra realistic techniques like encapsulated skin (makes those adorable wrinkles), painted baby peachy fuzz (lanugo) as well as applied baby peachy fuzz (3 D), vertix effect, micro rooted hair are sealed to keep that ultra newborn wet look, delicately rooted eyelashes, veining & micro veining.

Payment plans are welcome 👌🏻

She is one of the most detailed babies I have ever created I’m pretty sure 🤣

Creating this tiny preemie full body silicone baby girl I have tried my best to make her as realistic as possible.


She is a just born ultra premature baby (around 9”), sculpted, molded & poured by me in super soft platinum cure silicone blend (way softer than eco 20, really squishy like a marshmallow) with some flocking added (a few colours), which created a 3D effect even before painting.

She is painted in purplish colour to create that just newborn look, with Vertix effect (it’s the white stuff that covers the womb & right after birth).

I also gave her skin lanugo effect while matting her (it’s baby peach fuzz, when you feel her shoulders, cheeks, & bum cheeks it feels like a real baby, otherwise her body is silky smooth).

She has an open mouth (takes a preemie pacifier, provided).

If only I could give you all the opportunity to hold her – it’s an amazing feeling- she just melts in your arms 💖💖💖

She is extremely realistic & lifelike and also suuuper soft, squishy & posable, she literally melts in your arms 💕

Her skin has 3D effect due to the different colour flocking added to the silicone mixture.

She was painted with extreme attention to the details- 3d veining & micro veining, vertix effect, uneven skin & blemishes, capillaries, baby lanugo on cheeks & bum cheeks.

Has microrooted hair & open mouth (tiny hand sculpted in silicone & detailed painted & glazed tongue, no gums), takes preemie pacifier & bottle.

1400 aud shipped worldwide (express & insured)