Realborn® Leilani Yawning 18″







Eyes closed.

Cute full arms and legs.


Realborn® Leilani Yawning (18″ Reborn Doll Kit)

Reborn by Rhonda Hawkins of Rhonda’s Baby Nursery

A Realborn® is a replica of a real baby

The beauty, innocence and soul of the newborn child is captured like never before in these stunning, heaven sent creations.

The most beautiful and perfect canvas ever offered to the reborn world!

This baby reminds me of that first yawn in the morning.

The baby yawns so big then the first thing he/she focuses on is you, the mommy’s face.

Such a sweet time to share each morning.

Full arms and full legs.

No disappointment here.

Lots of snuggling to be had.

$350 plus shipping.

No returns due to COVID.

You can contact Rhonda at