Elisabetta’s Babies





Elisabetta is well known for her amazing skills at painting dolls.

Not only that, but she also has her own brand of air dry paints that she uses to bring these dolls to life.

Elisabetta’s Babies are both a striking work of research in realism and a celebration of the beginning of life, a work of art on a huggable canvas.

Reborns are dolls that strive to depict babies and children as realistically as possible. As an artist, my babies are my works of art as well as my daily challenge.

I feel the need to outdo myself in every baby I paint, and to give my customers the highest quality babies ever possible.

Adopting an Elisabetta’s Baby you will be assured that you are acquiring the utmost love and passion that can be infused in a work of art.

Every baby that is brought from Elisabetta can be assured love and care from the creation from a blank kit, to cuddle ready doll.


Email: meyvalian2003@yahoo.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elisabetta.monari


Baby Gabriel From Yophy Kit





Full Body vinyl Baby boy.

If baby Gabriel has stolen your heart as he has ours, then he could be yours for $899.

Free shipping!

Click his picture for his details and many more photos.






Baby Lee Lee 




This sweet reborn baby LeeLee sculpt from Laura Tuzio Ross is waiting for her new home.

She could be coming home to you for only $499.

Free shipping!

Click her picture to get more details and see lots of photos.









A very special baby, only $599  USD

Free shipping!

Click her picture for more details and pictures.








You could own this sweetie for only $649 USD

Free shipping!

Click the picture for more pictures and details.




Asher Awake




This precious doll is only $549 USD

Free shipping!

Click the picture for more pictures or details about this baby.






Currently growing her hair.

This princess can be yours to cuddle for only $650 USD

Free shipping!

Click on her photo for more details.




Jayden awake by Natalie Scholl



This charming little prince is just waiting to be whisked away to his forever family.

It could be you for only $650 USD

Free shipping!

Click his picture for more details.






This special little princess is only $325

Free shipping!

Click her picture to find out more details and see more pictures.





Mini Full Body Silicone





Isn’t this sweet darling just the cutest thing?

Just $890 USD

Free shipping!

To see more of her photos and find out more about her, just click her picture.




Adelaide Reborn Toddler



Adelaide is a sweet toddler girl, she just learned to stand up and is now into everything!!

She has micro rooted hair in a lovely shade of medium brown, baby blue Lauscha eyes.

Comes with a vintage layette of Italian outfits and her very own vintage diaper bag.

Free Shipping 

She can be yours for only $995 USD.



Huxley Reborn Doll



Who can resist little Huxley? 

He has painted hair in light brown,

Lauscha eyes in grey, and wears 3-6 months clothes perfectly.

Will you take him home?

Free shipping

Only $995 USD