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This is me at the 2019 Kansas show.

I’ve made cloth dolls, porcelain dolls, then in 2003, saw my first reborn pass my table at a doll show.

After talking to the doll Mommy, I researched online and found Bountiful Baby.

I’m more or less a self-taught reborn artist via DVDs and YouTube.

I take classes whenever I can from artists I respect.

I’ve been selling mainly clothing & supplies at doll shows since the ’90s.

In my 40+ years as a neonatal, then pediatric home care nurse (always working the MN shift) I have had plenty of time to sew, knit or crochet during my downtime at work.

Since the ROSE show in Utah, I’ve begun to work with silicones.

Love them, but not yet proficient in painting them…but Boy can I dress them!

I use Paypal for all my sales.

I will offer a one-time shipping fee of $5 on all clothing over the show dates.

And a one-time shipping fee of $12 on any of my doll sales during this show.

I hope you find something that really appeals to you


Crochet Granny Rose Afghans



These are unusual crochet Granny Rose afghans (20×26″) featuring a centered rose with twisted petals in either yellow or peach.

It would make a stunning foto prop or just drape over a baby carriage.

$35 each.


Knitted Lacey Pram blankets





Knitted Lacey Pram blankets (21×30″) made up of 12 squares with a knitted border.

Each square has either a pink or a blue ribbon rosebud in the center.

$45 each.



Felt Diapers Covers


2 layer sewn felt diapers to fit a 7″ silicone such as my “Peeps” by  Melissa Mccrory

Available in assorted colors at $2 each.





Ella by Tasha Edenholm



Ella is a vinyl 19″ sculpt by Tasha Edenholm,

$425 USD



Little Lisa by Linda Scherer



Little Lisa is a 16″ vinyl sculpt by Linda Scherer



Handmade Diaper Covers



Handmade Diaper Covers 14-16″

$2 each


5 Piece Knitted Sweater Sets



5 Piece Knitted Sweater Sets

$35 per set.




Gold Satin Romper




Satin Romper




Various coloured beautiful satin rompers




Various coloured beautiful satin rompers.

Will fit a Luna sized doll, 14.5″

Only $35 each




Gold Satin Gown With Vintage Venice Lace




This gold satin gown with vintage Venice lace will fit a 20″ reborn.

The set includes panties and a bonnet.

$40 USD




9 Inch Doll Clothing



Assorted clothing of various prices ideal for dolls of Wee Patience size.


Click the pictures to see more details.





9 Inch Baby Doll Body Suit



9 Inch baby doll body suits

$6 plus shipping

Bottom two outfits with matching hats $8 plus shipping.


Click on the picture for more details.




Dolly Burp Cloths




Dolly burp cloths.

$2 50 each plus shipping.

The three dolls are also for sale at $45 plus shipping.

Click the picture for more details.





Shabby Chic Outfits For 14.5 Inch Doll





Beautiful shabby chic gowns perfect for baby Luna or any 14.5 inch doll.

Prices between $35 and $45 depending on the gown plus shipping.

Click photos for more details.




Handmade 12-14 Inch Bodysuits



These lovely handmade 12 to 14 Inch Bodysuits are all so unique and lovely.

Many different styles.

Only $6 each plus shipping


Click picture for more details



Clothes For 11 Inch Marita Winter Toddler



Handmade clothes for the 11″ Marita Winters Toddler doll.

Various prices.

Click the picture for more details.




Handmade Bodysuits For 16″ Doll



Bodysuits to fit my 16″ silicone Pearl.

These onesies fit snug @ $6.50 each.

Click picture for more details.




Various Knitwear For 16″ & 17″ Doll



Handmade beautiful Knitwear for 16 and 17 inch dolls.

Prices vary.

Click picture for more details.



Dresses For 16″ Doll



Various prices for these stunning handmade dresses.

Fit a 16 inch Baby.

Prices range from $15- $45 depending on dress.

Click picture for more details.




Handmade Knitted Sweater Set


Beautiful handmade knitted sweater Sets.

Prices vary from $25-$40 plus postage.

Click on the picture for individual pricing and for more details.




14″ Vinyl Opal Fairy



14 inch vinyl fairy doll sculpted by Shawna Clymer.

Mono rooted.

Painted by Monika with GHSP

$300 plus postage.

Click her picture for more details.




Dresses For 14″ Doll


Handmade dresses for 14″ Dolls.

$18 plus shipping each.

Click the photo for more details.




14″ Mila Doll



14″ Mila, a vinyl sculpt by Sheila Mrofka was painted by me using GHSP.

$225 plus shipping.

Click her picture for more photos and details.



Handmade Sweater Legging Set



Set to fit a 12″ Doll

$38 plus shipping per set.

Click the picture for more details.




12″ Gnome Set



Handmade set for 12″ Doll.

Can be brought as a set or individually.

Click photo for more details and prices.




Crochet Ear Bonnets



Cindy Musgrove’s Manor elves need to be able to show off their adorable ears in my unique crocheted Ear bonnets $15 plus shipping.

Various prices for other items available.

Click photo for more details.



Outfits For 10-11″ Doll


Handmade outfits for 10-11″ Doll.

Various prices from $6-$20.

Click photo for more details.



Bubblesuit With T-shirt


Handmade Bubblesuits with t-shirt. $15 plus shipping.

Snap front Sunshine with t-shirt $15 plus shipping.

Click photo for more details.