Twin A By Bonnie Brown




features –
Hand combo rooted hair, rooted hair on the top and painted on the rest of the hair
Rooted eyelashes.

Glossed lips, ears, nails and nostrils
He features a patterned cloth body,

I can switch it to a doe suede body if a patterned one isn’t your style.

17” preemie baby with 3/4 arms/ side loading and full front loading legs
Weighted limbs, head and body

Super soft and squishy fabric body

Smells of dreft beads, like a real newborn

They can take a full preemie size pacifier

You pick what gender I send the baby home in, boy, girl or gender neutral

They can “suck” their thumb

Wears preemie size clothing and diapers

Will come with a blanket, pacifier, onesie , sleeper and disposable diaper.

Brand new, just “born”, and hand created by me.

Savannah Canfield/ Rebornsbysavannah

Pm for inquires

His price is 365$ shipped inside the USA.

Payment plans are not accepted at this time, payment is due 2 days after invoice is sent, if not paid a new buyer will be found.

Payment is through PayPal goods and services/ invoicing only. 18+ buyers, no minors.