Full Body Silicone Baby Sira







Sira was sculpted and poured by Monica Parres in 1 piece.


Size 20” and 3.8kg.

She has an open mouth and tongue.

In photos, I show you some babies Sira That I Paint before and are sold out.

This offer is for a custom order.

I Will Paint and créate a special baby for you.

She Will arrive at your home with a box opening.



To paint a silicone doll I need about 6 weeks to the painting process till I have the baby in my studio and 2 weeks to rooting her.

But I usually have more than 1 custom so when we talk about your baby I will give you the time to be finished.

Along I am working on the baby you will receive photos at different times but too important ones.

One, when the blank doll arrives (if are in my studio when I start cleaning) so you will see it before painting.

Also, when the face is painting, so you will have a little idea about how your baby will look.

And if you want to add details you can at this time or later.

When the baby is painting and before matting, check the complete painting and add details etc.



when the baby is matting!!!


If you don’t want hair your baby is finished at this time.


If you want hair, you will receive photos with different hair colors before start rooting.

When the baby have the hair done and are ready!!!!!


To start a custom baby I just ask for 10% of the total amount And when the baby is finished is when you have to pay the 90%.

Or you can choose a 12months payment plan.

My payment plan is very simple,



You have to pay to reserve the 10% of the l amount, so i will start the work.

I need about 4-6 weeks to complete the baby, and then each month you can pay the amount you want.

And when the payment is complete I Will send the doll to you.

The only rule is that must be all payment complete in 12 months or less.

Till the doll is with me you can ask for photos all times you want on email, WhatsApp or Facebook, and I Will take at this time photos, so you can see at all time that the doll are perfect and that no one touch….play… or anything with her.

Hope this payment plan works for you.

Price with rooting hair: 1950$

Price without rooting hair: 1750$

Shipping included

Contact details: http://www.sweet-chocolates-reborn.com

email: sweet-chocolates-reborn@hotmail.com Facebook: (6) Sweet chocolates reborn | Facebook