Twins Xan And Lua 




Twins Xan and Lua Vinyl baby sculpted by Melody Hess.
Xan and Lua are a a mini babies.
They have full limbs and cloth bodies.
Xan and Lua’s size is 10”.
I gave them a realistic baby skin tones using Genesis Heat Set Paints.
I paint several thin layers to build the skin tone, mottling, and other skin details.
She has textured skin.
I give all my babies a final layer of mediums in order to prevent sheens and protect paint and vinyl.
All my babies are weighting with micro glass beads and soft fiber filling.
I never use sand or other material to fill my creations.
They have rooted hair and Lua has glass eyes.
Will arrive home with a handmade outfit by Evas sweet garden, care instructions, and samples with care products.
Price: 200USD each or 350 the Twins.
Worldwide express shipping included.
Contact: email
WhatsApp: +34622819547