Santa’s Workshops






The exhibitor list will be added to as each exhibitor comes on board.

If you would like to be a part of this show and share your babies with everyone to buy from you then please contact me to secure your space.

As this is my first online show I am limiting the number of exhibitors I can accept.

To be added to the list of exhibitors it is only £20 per person.

You will then get an entire page dedicated to you where people can contact you and ask to buy your baby.

To secure your space please contact me using the link provided.

I can not wait to see everyone’s dolls and accessories.

Access to each workshop will only be granted to the public on show days.


Exhibitors At Santa’s Workshop 1


Sweet Chocolate Reborns

Elisabetta’s Babies

Lela’s Tiny Reborns

Eva’s Sweet Garden

Dollmakers Delight

Achuchones Del Cielo By Monica Parres

Eva’s Little Angels



Exhibitors in Santas workshop 2

Reborn Baby

Barbara Effe Reborn

Cinzia’s Sweet Babies

Danila Baby Reborn

Forever Sproutz

Flory Castro Art Dolls

Under The Willow Tree


Exhibitors in Santa’s workshop 3



Exhibitors in Santa’s workshop 4