Eva’s Little Angels



Hi everyone,

My name is Eva and my nursery name is Eva’s Little Angels.

I started reborning in 2006.

I have been very passionate over the years and I have worked hard to improve over the years.

Many of my little angels now live in the world, and I had the pleasure of making several prototypes for great artists!

Over time I always admired the skill of these artists, sculpting these beautiful kits, and I wanted to try to sculpt something too.

I got so passionate about OOAKs, and after many attempts, I managed to make small OOAKs, and even some newborn size, which was happily made in production kit for reborn doll!

Right now I’m waiting for the release of my fourth child, I sculpted him in the likeness of my son Gabriel.

While a premature baby was made in America as a full body silicone by a famous silicone manufacturer.

But …. I don’t like to stop! … in the last few months I have worked hard to understand how castings work, so today I can propose some of my babies in silicone, making sculpture, mold, and casting!





Ava by Cassie Brace




This sweet angel 😇 is only 700 Euros.

Click this darlings picture for more information and pictures.







Incredible price 350 Euros


Little baby Secrist could be yours this Christmas for only 350 Euros, click her picture for more details and pictures.



Blank Silicone Tiffany



If you would like to bring this gorgeous kit to life, find out more details and get more photos by clicking on her picture.


Blank Silicone Barbara





This little sweetheart will be perfect when brought to life, click her picture for more details and to see more pictures.