Ava by Cassie Brace




Elynia was born from Cassie Brace’s “Ava” kit, in a limited series of only 800 pieces, full limbs.

As soon as I saw her lovely and cute face I thought she would make a great Santa’s elf!

I made his ears by sculpting them with prosculpt, they have been carefully sculpted and fixed to the sculpture, but obviously you have to pay some attention.

This certainly makes her very special!

Her coloring was made with Genesis colors, glass eyes and rooted hair,

Her hair is of high quality and is super soft to the touch!

Her dress was made especially for her by a talented Italian seamstress, the photos cannot explain how nice and soft it is.

Its length is about 50 cm.

For further information do not hesitate to contact me in a private message.

I accept payment in max two installments, but the first must be sent immediately and the reborn will be sent only after payment is concluded.


Little Ava is only 700 Euros.


If you love this Christmas angel and want to bring her home this Christmas then contact Eva on https://www.facebook.com/eva.brilli