Lela’s Tiny Reborns

Lover of painting from the first coloring book.

Always passionate about dolls.

I have played with them for a long time and have never really put them in a box.

For some years I have discovered the existence of realistic dolls and even better, created by artists!

I don’t know if I started being a collector or a reborner first; I think it happened at the same time: while I bought my first reborn, I had already ordered a blank kit to start this adventure.

I started not long, about two years.

Between brushes, sponges and splashes of color, I enter this magical world.

Well yes, I think I’m not old enough to stop playing with dolls




Mini Zachy by Marita Winters



This adorable little chap could be yours this Christmas time for only € 140 plus shipping

Click his picture to see more details about this little prince.