Barbara Effe Reborn


My name is Barbara Fiorenza, I live in Livorno- Tuscany/Italy.

I’m a reborner from 2010 and I followed Elisabetta’s tutorials, back then, Asiatic/ caucasian/ ethnical babies.

My favourite babies are ethnic.

I paint my doll in artist-acrylic, all products are from Elisabetta Monari, their name STUDIO REBORN.

Love reborns and silicon babies, I paint silicon too, with FuseFx Sistem – Silc Pig and Psycho Paint.






Perla by Elisabetta Piras




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Imani by Adrie Stoete





This little prince could be in your arms soon for only 400 Euros.

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Frida by Karola Wegerich






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Betti by Natali Blik



This darling could be your Christmas present to yourself for only 900 Euros

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Flo by Natali Blik




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Reine by Ping Lau



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