Romy by Gundran Ledger





This is a hyper-realistic reborn baby doll. Made from the softest, most real feeling vinyl.

Sculpted by hand, by a German artist named Gundran Ledger.

Hand-painted layer by layer, 100+ layers.

This ultra-realistic baby doll has no gender, which makes him or her completely your choice.

The baby has a cloth body, with a scrunched and filled bottom for extra realism.

The body has fine glass beads which make the baby feel realistic and heavy, just like your newborn at home.

The baby’s lips even have a gloss, making them look wet.

The baby was painted with heat-set oil paints, and set with varnish to ensure your baby will never rub.

The baby even has such details as veins, capillaries, blushing, skin texture, nails, and eyelashes.

Bring your baby home today!

$500 USD shipped within the US














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